On a mission to find ducks

On a mission to find ducks

I still recall visiting the Royal Hobart Show’s animal nursery when I was in primary school – my favourite part was always watching the antics of the downy yellow ducklings as they zoomed down a slippery slide before happily splashing in the pool of water below.

Even as an adult I still enjoy watching ducks and it’s a tradition Hudson and Archer have enthusiastically embraced. They love spotting various family members on the water – sometimes there’s a mummy with her babies, sometimes nanny duck or cousins make an appearance. Here are some of our favourite duck-spotting haunts.


A visit to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens isn’t complete without some duck-spotting. The Lily Pond is an obvious spot but we also regularly find ducks hanging out in the Japanese Gardens and nearby French Memorial Fountain. Or just wandering about on the grass. Ducklings are a common sight and the boys love watching the tiny babies swimming along behind mum.

The expanded viewing platform at the Lily Pond was opened in 2018 to mark the gardens’ 200th anniversary and is a great spot to sit and watch the ducks while enjoying an ice-cream from the nearby kiosk.


We’re so lucky in Tasmania to have so many parks by the water. Cornelian Bay not only has a waterfront playground and a cafe but it is also home to plenty of resident ducks. Follow the path along the water’s edge towards the row of colourful boathouses and you’re bound to see a few ducks.


We love watching the ducks beneath the historical arched bridge before grabbing an ice-cream from Sweets & Treats lolly shop. Coal Valley Creamery is another favourite hangout as well as The Puzzle People. And Puddleduck Vineyard is a great spot to stop on the way home.

We’ve also met ducks at Hawthorn Lodge’s Lazy Tearooms at Bushy Park, along the river’s edge at Huonville, at Bruny Island Berry Farm and at Margate’s Dru Point.

Also don’t forget that ducks aren’t meant to eat bread – if you insist on feeding them opt for rolled oats instead…