8 things to love about dark mofo

8 things to love about dark mofo

Winter isn’t my favourite time of year. Give me sunshine any day! But the chilly weather is here to stay so we may as well embrace it. Especially when Dark Mofo helps liven things up. Haven’t checked out this year’s program yet? Here are 8 things to love about Dark Mofo…


1. There’s fire. Loads of it. Fire pots, 8000 candles and flame throwers that shoot toasty fireballs into the night sky outside Princes Wharf No 1. Even when the icy winds whip down from Mt Wellington and chill your bones and make your teeth chatter, the hypnotic glare of an open fire leaves you with a strange form of amnesia, and winter somehow seems a lot more bearable.

2. There’s food. Who doesn’t love the chance to eye-off 60 food and drink stalls and tuck into something delicious? A tummy full of hearty food is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter’s night.

3. Followed by dessert. Enough said. GET IN MY BELLY!

4. Art. You may love modern art. You may hate it. The great thing about Dark Mofo is that it doesn’t matter. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Kids are welcome. And mostly it’s free. Even better!

5. People. Hobart streets are eerily quiet at night, especially when it’s cold. Dark Mofo brings chatter and excitement to the darkness, and it’s great to drag your lazy winter butt off the couch and be part of that buzz. Count the puffer jackets, I dare you!

6. Pretty lights. The plane trees in Salamanca look magical year-round, but when you add the twinkle of Dark Mofo’s red fairy lights, along with the glow of the many businesses painting the town red, the city takes on a new persona.

7. Music. It’s always better when it’s live. Great bands are bringing a winter soundtrack to the streets of Hobart. So make sure you tune in.

8. Fireworks. They’ve been lighting up the sky every night of the Winter Feast on the hour and half hour. It’s like New Year’s Eve every night!