Pounding the pavement, Eastern Shore style. 

Pounding the pavement, Eastern Shore style. 

Walking along the Lindisfarne foreshore certainly has its perks. Some days Mt Wellington is moody and shrouded in cloud, while other days you can glance across the River Derwent and be faced with a sky of brilliant blue, stretching as far as the eye can see.

img_7406.jpegThere are local ducks to say hello to, gently bobbing yachts to admire and plenty of people-watching to do as cyclists, joggers, fellow pram pushers and dog walkers all pound the pavement.  Oh, and did I mention that amazing view of Mt Wellington?

The Tasman Bridge views aren’t bad, either.    There are lots of ways to enjoy the 18.5km waterfront trail that runs from Geilston Bay to Tranmere on Hobart’s Eastern Shore. To walk it in one stretch could take several hours, especially if you factor in pitstops to enjoy the view, build a sandcastle, have lunch or make the most of the playgrounds and public art installations along the way.

So we generally tackle the walk in sections, with our most recent three-hour return jaunt starting at Simmons Park at Lindisfarne and heading towards Kangaroo Bay.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the cheers we could hear as we approached Rosny College suggested wickets were being taken on the cricket oval.


The track hugs the coast for most of the way and is easily wide enough for prams and bikes.

Rather than turn around and walk back exactly the way we came, we detoured to Eastlands for a toilet break/Boost Juice refuel before heading back to Lindisfarne via the streets of Rosny and the Montagu Bay playground.   Our Little Dinosaur had a great time waving to everyone, playing on the swings with Dad, pointing excitedly at passing pooches and spotting seagulls.

After all, a 12km walk is easy when you simply have to sit back, relax, enjoy the view and be chauffeured about in a pram.