Eagles and Jellyfish

Eagles and Jellyfish

It’s designed to resemble a giant eagle’s nest, but Hudson reckons the climbing structure at the new Blackmans Bay park also looks like a “wobbly jellyfish” and a “ferris wheel”.

He and Archer had fun checking out the new, unfenced play space, although with both of them still under age four they found the equipment a bit tricky to navigate and spent most of the time happily digging in the sandy surface underneath.

There are three pieces of play equipment:

⚫️ The ropes, ladders and baskets that make up the 6m-high Eagles Nest – a great climbing challenge for adventurous kids.

⚫️ A smaller, wooden climbing structure – known as the Paradise Climbing Tree.

⚫️ A heavy wooden see-saw.

There’s also a sheltered area with two barbecues at the park, which is located behind the community hall and next to the skate park.

Which is great because even though my boys were a bit young for the play equipment they had a fantastic time exploring the local area – running up and down the ramps of the deserted skate park and checking out the colourful graffiti.

They also had a quick play in the (more age appropriate) fenced community hall playground before crossing the road to use the public toilets. They then had a great time at another little playground beside the water where there’s a double slide, a hanging see-saw, a couple of swings and a mini digger for churning up the pine bark.

Hudson loved the slide – Archer was more interested in watching the seagulls on the nearby sandy shore.

Next time we’ll take Hudson’s bike, go for a walk along the path beside the beach and stop for an ice-cream at The Beach restaurant.

Oh, and I picked up some $3 daffodils on the drive home (outside a house in Roslyn Ave) which I was pretty happy about… Hudson thought it was hilarious that “the road” was selling flowers ?

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