Rollin’ with my Homies

Rollin’ with my Homies

One of Archer’s favourite words is “BIKE” and Hudson is pumped to have recently ditched his training wheels.

So we’ve been spending a bit of time at bike parks – here are some of our favourite cycle-friendly hangouts.


What kid doesn’t love traffic lights? Wentworth Park has a kid-sized roadway, complete with functional traffic lights, give-way signs, a pedestrian crossing, a roundabout and speed humps. It was designed as a bicycle education facility – helping kids develop awareness of road safety principles. But it’s also a lot of fun. It’s popular with kids of all ages – I’ve even spotted some mums and dads (and probably grandparents) getting in on the action.

The nearby playgrounds (including a fenced play area for toddlers) add to the appeal. The barbecue huts are popular for birthday parties and there are toilets and plenty of parking. Easy access to the Clarence Foreshore Trail too which is another fantastic spot for walking and riding bikes.


Another park with traffic lights which Archer and Hudson enjoy zooming around. The concrete track is more open around the outside with some tighter spots in the middle which adds an extra challenge – Hudson likes testing his manoeuvring skills by pretending the grass is lava.

The playgrounds here keep both boys entertained for ages – one section has a climbing frame and a nest swing ideal for bigger kids, while the second play space with swings, a small slide and some colourful sensory equipment is easy for toddlers to navigate. It’s a lovely bush setting – the trees provide some welcome shade too. Plenty of grassy areas to kick a ball, toilets, a barbecue hut and loads of parking.


One of the very first traffic light parks we stumbled upon. This sprawling play space has a bike track next to an all-abilities playground on the foreshore. You can even grab a snack when the kiosk is open. There are toilets and barbecues too. The resident ducks are also fun to watch.


The red train and yellow embankment slide are big drawcards at this hugely popular park but the bike track also makes it a hit with kids on bikes and scooters (and kids with toy prams… check out a flashback to a much-younger Hudson with a baby doll, below). Plenty of picnic tables, barbecues and toilets, too.


A good option when you’ve got one child in a pram and another on a bike. Hudson loves the novelty of leaving Queens Domain, riding along the water’s edge on the cycleway and going under the “big bridge”. Keep going and you can stop at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens or grab an ice-cream from Valhalla in Moonah. Flying a kite at the Domain after a long ride is also a favourite for us.


Ride around in a bush setting at this relatively new park, just off the Southern Outlet. Bike tracks wind around the edge of the playground with swings and climbing structures in the middle. However there are signs warning that snakes have been spotted in the area, so be vigilant. There are also no toilets which can make life tricky with small children.


Concrete paths wind around the play equipment and are perfect for beginners on bikes to test their skills. Close to the Clarence Foreshore Trail too (which stretches from Geilston Bay to Howrah, see a few snaps from our foreshore cycling adventures below) and lovely water and mountain views, plus toilets and plenty of green space.


Not only is there a traffic light bike track here – complete with an old petrol pump for filling your tank – but there’s also a great flying fox, a huge climbing net with metal slide, loads of other equipment to get dizzy on… there’s even a platypus walk! There are some great murals in the town too and the park has toilets and plenty of places to sit and have lunch.

We’ve also visited some fun bike parks at Orford, Tolosa Park (Glenorchy) and Brighton

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