NEW PARK ALERT: Sorell park provides plenty of fun for ninja warriors of all ages

NEW PARK ALERT: Sorell park provides plenty of fun for ninja warriors of all ages

We have been driving past the new park at Sorell for months now, and my little dinosaurs have been impatiently waiting for it to open.

So when we drove past at the weekend and saw the fences had gone and people were playing there, we returned the following day to test out the shiny new equipment.

And the park, complete with a well-equipped playground and a ninja warrior course, got the thumbs up from both my boys (aged 6 and 8). Although the six-year-old has vowed to take a torch next time, as apparently it’s too dark inside the big winding slide and he got a bit freaked out by it!

Still, that was their only criticism. The see-saw, climbing structures, slides and assortment of swings were a hit with my youngest, while my eldest was more interested in the challenge of the ninja warrior course (officially known as the Madison Lyden Park Warrior obstacle course).

At first glance, I actually thought some of the larger obstacles would be too tricky for him, but he soon proved me wrong! And he was so pleased with himself when he conquered each challenge.

The only downside to this park – which is located in the new homes area on Pawleena Rd, as you head out of the Sorell township – is that there’s no public toilet, which isn’t a problem if you live in one of the surrounding streets, but it could prove challenging with young kids if you’re visiting from out of area. Hopefully there are future plans for toilets, as there are sections of surrounding parkland that look yet to be finished. It’s only a short drive from the Coles and Woolworths complexes (and McDonald’s) which have public toilets.

There was no dedicated car park that I could see, but we easily found a park in a surrounding street. The park is not fully fenced but it looks like they are still finishing off parts of it, so there may be more fencing/gates to come.

It’s great to have a new place to play and we’ll definitely be heading back to this park soon – although next time we’ll make sure we take a torch for the spooky slide!

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