Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

I come from a family of party-lovers. A passion for planning, decorating, dressing up…it seems to be genetic.

And with Little Dinosaur born on Halloween, we had plenty of reason to party over the weekend.

It turns out plenty of others did too.


Yes, Halloween is predominantly a European and American tradition, but regardless of whether you think it is an over-commercialised lolly-grab for kids or simply a bit of fancy-dress fun, one thing is certain – the concept has taken off in Tassie over the last few years. Especially at Seven Mile Beach, which I reckon deserves the title of Tasmania’s Halloween capital.

Ghosts, ghouls and zombies of all ages roamed the streets there on Saturday evening, as hundreds of people attended house parties and community get-togethers and got into the spirit of trick or treating.




Kids in claret-smeared medical scrubs. Pint-size witches and wizards. A pink batgirl. Plenty of black spandex and clever concoctions of fake blood. Devils, skeletons, creepy clowns and Scream masks. Even a few dogs got in on the action.


Orange balloons on the fence or letterbox indicated which houses wanted to take part. One resident even converted part of their home into a walk-through haunted house, which garnered lots of laughs, screams (and a few tears) from the adults and children lining up to take a peek inside.



IMG_9406a (Large)


Hudson loved all the action. It was a big day for him, as he celebrated his first birthday with a dinosaur-themed party at the Botanical Gardens earlier that day.

Which meant two parties and two costume changes back-to-back. But he wasn’t fussed. After all, partying is in his genes.

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