He can’t say his own name yet, but Archer can easily identify and name at least a dozen different dinosaurs.

Whether it’s his favourite “Steg” (Stegosaurus), “Rex” (T-Rex), “Dack” (Pterodactylus) and “Tops” (Triceratops) or less common offerings like “Ank” (Ankylosaurus), “Pack” (Pachycephalosaurus) or “Souk” (Deinosuchus), this almost-two-year-old knows plenty about prehistorics.

So his little mind was definitely blown when we turned up to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s Dinosaur REvolution exhibit.

I initially thought the Dino Dana and Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures fan might be too young and find the animatronics scary and overwhelming.

But after spending a morning at the exhibition with Hudson and discovering my entry stamp was valid for the entire day, I went home, swapped children, and headed back to the museum for an afternoon with my littlest dinosaur.

It turns out Archer is even braver than his big brother. He wasn’t too phased by the dinos at all. Sure, he was cautious – they are big and noisy and scary-looking, after all. But mostly he was happy to wander about and enjoy the action.

We went late in the afternoon which was perfect as there weren’t many people so the motion-sensor animatronic dinosaurs were less active (note: there’s a Sound Down session on Saturday April 27 from 2pm-4pm for children who may enjoy the dinosaurs with a little less roar).

Archer would happily have spent hours in the dig pit looking for fossils and burying dinosaur toys. And he loved dancing in front of the blue screen while watching his image projected into a prehistoric world. We were the last people left at closing time and there were tears when Archer realised we had to leave.

But thankfully he found a dinosaur toy to play with in the car and by the time we got home he was excitedly telling the rest of the family all about his close encounters with “Steg” and “Brach” and “Rex”.

Dinosaur rEvolution runs at TMAG until May 5, 2019. See more details below or click HERE. And check out Little Green Dinosaur on Facebook where you could win a family pass to Dinosaur rEvolution.