The Dinosaur King

The Dinosaur King

When the Dinosaur rEvolution exhibition started at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in December, Hudson was one of the first people through the door.

He went along with his Dad, as well as his friend John, to the opening day festivities and couldn’t wait to get up close to his favourite dinosaurs.

But our Little Green Dinosaur quickly realised the lights and sounds of the animatronic exhibition were overwhelming and the recently-turned-four-year-old was actually terrified of his favourite dino – the T-Rex – when he met him in the flesh.

Fortunately the exhibition runs for five months so we’ve been talking about it a lot at home since that first visit. And over the weekend Hudson decided he was ready to go back again – this time with Mum – to see if he was braver now that he was a whole four months older.

So we went back. And Hudson did it. He faced his fears. He wasn’t rushing to give T-Rex a hug, but he was certainly more confident and was willing to sit in the same room and watch from afar (covering his ears when the tyrant lizard got too loud).

What a little champion!

So of course, after spending a couple of hours digging for fossils, chasing some virtual reality dinosaurs and donning dino costumes we celebrated with an ice-cream at Mures. A green one.

Dinosaur rEvolution runs at TMAG until May 5, 2019. See more details below or click HERE. And check out Little Green Dinosaur on Facebook where you could win a family pass to Dinosaur rEvolution.