Hidden treasures

Hidden treasures

We almost abandoned our walk before it began.

After stepping off the sand at the western end of Seven Mile Beach and hauling the pram up a wooden staircase leading into bushland, we were faced with a relatively steep – and rocky – climb.

Not ideal for the pram – or the flimsy flip flops on my feet.

But Bryan and I made a deal. We decided to forge ahead to the top of the hill. And if the rest of the walking track looked too difficult to navigate with a pram we’d turn back.

Turns out it was worth persisting. After a short scramble up the hill, the track evened out to a smooth gravel walkway that hugged the coastline all the way to Roches Beach and rewarded us with some pretty impressive scenery – the alluring blue of Frederick Henry Bay was matched only by the vibrance of the clear sky overhead.

So much BLUE!

A tiny, red-chested robin and a cluster of seabirds on the water’s edge were our only company for most of the morning and the air was still apart from our footsteps and the gleeful chatter emanating from our little dinosaur inside the pram.

One of several rock towers we spotted beside the track.

It wasn’t until we got closer to Roches Beach that the track became busier – Mum, Dad and two kids, on bikes, whizzed past and said hello, their energetic doggy running alongside them. Meanwhile a toddler, under the watchful eye of her parents, wobbled along the track with some freshly-picked flowers in hand. A lone jogger and an elderly man were also among those enjoying the sunshine. We even spotted a friendly crocodile!

Watch out for crocs!

As we pointed out tiny white boats in the distance and dreamed about which waterfront house we’d buy if we won lotto, we wondered: “How could we have walked the sandy shore of Seven Mile Beach countless times before but never considered the beauty hiding around the headland?“

One of the things I love about Tasmania is that no matter how long you’ve lived here, there are still loads of hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.

A secluded beach – we’ll definitely be stopping here for a picnic next time.

Seven Mile Beach is an easy 20-minute drive from Hobart and it’s a 3.3km stroll from Seven Mile Beach to Roches Beach. But with such gorgeous weather and scenery we couldn’t help but keep walking all the way to Lauderdale where we enjoyed a stopover for snacks.

Loving the salt air and sunshine.

Then it was time to turn around and head back to our starting point – we clocked a 12km round trip, all before midday. As we cleared the roughest section of the track and hauled the pram down the wooden steps and onto the familiar sand of Seven Mile Beach, we were definitely glad we didn’t let a few bumps get in the way of a great little family adventure.