A sense of harmony

A sense of harmony

When you spend your days taking care of a cute, curious (and often exhausting) toddler, it can be difficult to find time for pampering.

But I recently managed to get a few child-free hours and headed to Harmony Hill Wellness & Organic Spa Retreat at Margate (25 minutes south of Hobart) for a luxurious face and body treatment.

And far out, was it AMAZING!

By the time I’d driven along the tree-lined driveway of the 17ha property, copped a whiff of the fresh country air and listened to the local birds serenade me, I was already beginning to unwind.

But then I spent half hour of solitude in the sauna – loving every minute of the heat – before sprawling on a massage table for a two-hour chakra healing experience which is suitable for “people who really need to reduce stress in the body and mind” (yep, sounds good to me!) and promises to “bring light deep into your spirit and soul”.

I’ve had a lot of massages in my 36.5 years of existence, in all parts of the world. I consider it my duty to have at least one spa treatment whenever I travel and I have fortnightly remedial appointments closer to home, too. Massages are high on my list of all-time favourite things – along with sunshine, ice-cream, glitter…and of course cuddles from my two favourite boys.

So believe me when I tell you that from the minute Noble, my super-talented therapist, placed the first hot stone at the base of my spine (to activate energy flow), my body – and mind – were in heaven.

Fast forward to the latter part of my treatment – a chakra cleansing facial – and it was easy to understand why visitors from around the world come to Harmony Hill to do yoga, indulge in a string of holistic treatments, dine on gourmet vegetarian food and generally relax and unwind. Most stay for a weekend or an entire week, but casual day visits are sometimes available too.

I got dressed. I wandered out of the massage room into the fresh air. And as weird as it may sound, I actually felt like I was floating. Light, ultra-relaxed and sporting a renewed – and very welcome – sense of clarity.

It was a feeling that stayed with me for the entire drive home (if there was a breathalyser that measured serenity, my reading would have been off the chart!). This stillness remained for a couple of days afterwards, too. And my boys showered me in cuddles and kisses when I got home, so that’s even more reason to book another time-out session soon ❤️