Beer & Bubs

Beer & Bubs

Beer and babies don’t typically go together.

But Hobart’s craft beer scene is exploding right now and we’ve had a few great family outings recently which have included a drop (or two) of amber ale.


Hudson is too little to know about Easter Bunny but he was as excited as a kid at Christmas when he got to spend a couple of hours running around on the spread of bright red AstroTurf at Red Square on Easter Sunday.       
This relaxed little hangout in Evans St (behind the IXL building) – with its fake grass, pot plants and timber pallet seating – is somewhat of a new venue for Hobart. Yes, Dark Mofo events have been held here for the last couple of years, but have you visited lately? This place isn’t just a dirty old industrial yard any more – there are shiny new toilets, a rotating showcase of food vans and the Hobart Brewing Co (which has live music on Sunday afternoons) is right next door.  

    Expect to hear more about Red Square in coming months too – the Hobart Twilight Market has launched a trial market here and there are lots of other events popping up on Facebook.


Not only did these guys have a pina colada beer on tap on the day we visited (the perfect brew for my cocktail-loving tastebuds) but they were also surprisingly family-friendly.

I’ll admit my expectations weren’t very high – the grey concrete jungle of Cambridge Park warehouses didn’t strike me as the  most inspiring venue for a brewery, or the most toddler-safe hangout.

But it was Bryan’s birthday, and the man enjoys a good craft beer or two, so we thought we’d give it a go on our way back from lunch at Coal River Farm. And it turns out that hidden behind the nondescript roller door there’s actually a pretty cool set up.




Not only was Hudson made welcome but he even buddied up with a little friend of the same age. Bryan enjoyed his paddle of birthday beers (and the Wursthaus sausages on the barbecue).

Last Rites is open regularly on Friday nights and weekends. You can also get their beer on tap at venues like Post Street Social on Hobart’s Waterfront or pick up a stubby at bottleshops including The Shoreline.


Another warehouse-turned-brewery at Cambridge Park, run by Ty and Amanda Capaci. Call in here and look carefully – you’ll probably see a bike or a skateboard in the corner as the couple’s own kids visit the family-run business regularly.

$10 gets you a taste of all the beers on offer, plus a one-on-one chat with Ty who is clearly passionate about making beer. You’ll also find Double Head at various beer festivals around the state, but there’s nothing like seeing where the beer is actually made to whet your thirst.